Since I recently traveled to India and I have been asked by a couple of people around the rules and regulations of flying to India from Germany, I am trying to share all the information that I had gathered before my flight.

Note: I have also made a youtube video explaining how I planned my travel via Air France. Most of those procedures apply to other airline carriers as well.

You can skip reading this blog and directly watch the youtube video here

Air France


  • Register with the Indian embassy in Paris(even if you…

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Recently while working on a project, I had to create a functionality where users can download an excel file consisting of some data.

In this process, since I am a big fan of E2E Testing with, I decided to write a test suite that could make sure that the excel is being downloaded correctly and also consists of the correct data that our users would expect.

This article assumes a basic understanding of cypress.


If you haven’t tried e2e testing with cypress before, I would highly recommend skipping over to the `References` section and following some of the…

npm dependency graph as cover image
npm dependency graph as cover image*MrEp6Y0l1B7Ixt5mfE3fWA.png

Hola people!!! 🥑

It’s been a while since I have written a blog and now since most of us are working from home, the time that used to go in commute is now saved and I thought why not utilize this time and write about my recent experience of fixing a security vulnerability.

So if any of you in the recent time have seen something like this image below and have no clue how to fix it then this article is for you. When I saw it, I had no clue either but with some research I could fix this.

🔬 Problem:

Magical land of React Suspense, Concurrent React and React.lazy API

Dan Abramov in his talk “Beyond React 16” at JSConf Iceland 2018 said:

We’ve built a generic way to ensure that high-priority updates like user input don’t get blocked by rendering low-priority updates.

Let’s understand what this means and also get introduced to some of the new features coming to React, some of which have been released as part of the latest stable release and some of them are still in unstable mode and it’s quite possible that the implementation of the api might change over time.

Things we got introduced to in the talk:

🕵️‍ Confusion:

When I first started working with React, I always had this confusion that even though my functional component has no reference to React(since I could not see any mention of React keyword in the component), then why do I need to have import React from “react"; at the top of my file. 😕

This is how we create a simple functional component in react:-

🔬 Problem:

This code looks like a very simple function with some html inside it but it fails to work if we use it without

import React from "react"

The problem here is if it’s just some…

I finally started working on a React native app last week and to be honest I have been thinking of doing so since an year now, but always lacked the motivation to start.

A few weeks back I was reading this book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and I came across this quote which gave me a final push to start writing a React Native App.

The quote is:

Action isn’t just the effect of motivation; it’s also the cause of it.

And with that thought, let’s begin.


This article is about how to have a custom…

It’s not an everyday thing that you come across an amazing plugin which helps in reducing all your bundle sizes by a great extent and improves your web performance.

A normal day in office and I installed bundle buddy an amazing plugin by Sam Saccone.

For those not aware of Bundle Buddy, it is described on it’s README as:

Bundle Buddy is a tool to help you find source code duplication across your JavaScript chunks [aka Bundles].

Measure and Diagnosis

After installing bundle buddy, I ran it for the first time and to my surprise my entire codebase had 1351 files bundled into…

React 16 is here and it brings lots of exciting changes. One of the features that got me excited is better error handling. Previously, runtime errors during rendering could put React in a broken state.

With React 16, instead of unmounting the whole app every time there’s an error, you can use error boundaries. Think of error boundaries like try-catch statements, but for React components.

Error boundaries are React components that catch JavaScript errors anywhere in their child component tree, log those errors, and display a fallback UI instead of the crashed component tree.

A class component becomes an error…

Working with React and Redux, I use a simple pattern to make my components reusable and to reason about.Over the past 1 and half year working with React, I have realised that anyone who is starting to work with React and Redux always faces a confusion of deciding which component should be interacting with the redux store and which components should just depend on there on own state.

So, in this article I will make an attempt towards making this distinction between when to choose component state and when to choose Redux store easier.

To start with, let’s focus on…

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